Shingai Nyagweta


Shingai Nyagweta is a qualified and experienced apparel designer and fashion brand creator by successfully designing and managing brands for various global fashion start-ups. Throughout her 15-year career, she has designed for Foschini and Marianne Fassler. Shingai has also worked as a program manager and designer liaison for AFI Fashion Week and has launched her own successful children’s wear brand – KuNa Kids. Today, she consults with emerging African brands, helping them with design, product development as well as launching digitally through her boutique consultancy, Dsgn Native (

Kelly & Betina Swart

Kelly and Betina are founders of the South African fashion brand called ‘Me and B’. This mother-daughter duo established their brand in Cape Town, South Africa, and are known for their trendy designs, which is backed by all of their qualifications and work experience.
Kelly received her BA degree majoring in English, Art History, and Psychology. After obtaining her qualification she gained six years working as a buyer for TFG and then gained a further four years of work experience at a design house (representing a factory) for the chain stores. Whilst gaining work experience she also has been the owner and running their brand Me & B.
Betina received her diploma in fashion design that lead her to become a designer for a boutique for two years before joining a supplier business to the chain stores where she ran the accounts for 11 years. She started her own brand called “Que” supplying chain stores which she ran for six years before starting another brand called “On-Que” supplying chain stores which she ran for seven years. Betina branched out and started a design house for TFG/ Truworths in Cape Town which she did for eight years and then started her brand Me & B with Kelly and has run this brand for the past three years.

Terese Potgieter


Terese Potgieter, currently a module facilitator and honours supervisor at STADIO School of Fashion, has over a decade of experience in the fashion education sector. In 2019, Terese completed a master’s degree with a strong focus on fashion design as a professional practice in the local landscape. Before her post at STADIO School of Fashion, Terese lectured at various fashion institutions wherein she continues to impart her knowledge and passion for design to the future innovators in the apparel sphere.

Ntshantsha Tafeni-Majombozi

Ntshantsha Tafeni-Majombozi is a Proudly South African Businesswoman with a noteworthy Corporate background. Founder of Yivani Naturals, a Black Owned entity which she established in 2011 for the production of natural soothing and therapeutic skincare. Yivani’s concept is South African Indigenous Herbs and Essential Oils offering natural alternatives to health for a more holistic mind, body and soul solution. In the words of Ntshantsha, “we found that there is a huge need for educating or re-introducing people especially the black communities, to the healing benefits of essential oils” Ntshantsha Tafeni Majombozi at heart a natural skincare advocate and entrepreneur, a woman truly in her own lane and thus in her own league. Ntshantsha is greatly driven by her purpose, passion and the beauty of authenticity. Knowing that through Yivani she is here to touch lives and make others feel absolutely great and confident in their own skin. Ntshantsha is determined in contributing towards the economic growth of South Africa simply by promoting South African Indigeneous oils to Africa and the World at large, bringing in foreign currency and being at the forefront of creating more jobs. Until that is done, there shall be no sleeping. She truly believes in, “things always look impossible until they are done”.




Carmi Human

Media Industry Representative – Digi-Style Studio

Carmi Human is part of the LISOF alumni graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion specializing in Fashion Media and Buying. In her second year of studies, she started Digi-Style Studio that focuses on Website Development, Brand Development, and Marketing. After receiving her qualification, she became an intern at DEKAT Magazine & DEKATV and through her greatness, she ultimately got the position of Head of digital at DEKAT Magazine & DEKATV, whilst still running Digi-Style Studio. From October 2018 Carmi is running Digi-Style Studio full time while developing the millennial Girlboss, which is an online community for ambitious women, providing them with modern resources and tools to help them on their journey to success. Carmi is also in the process of developing two fashion brands (Carmi: Luxury Womenswear & Carmi-Kind: Luxury Kidswear), which she is hoping to launch in December.