Bradley Quinn

BA Hons in Journalism and Political Science, MA in History of Art


Bradley operates a trend consultancy in Paris and runs a small research laboratory in Sweden. He previously worked as an associate creative director for Wrangler and Lee Jeans before heading up brand strategy at their parent company, Kontoor Brands Inc. Responsibilities included launching premium brands, initiating creative partnerships and making innovation a cornerstone of Kontoor’s product development and retail strategy. With a mission to increase market shares in Europe and Asia, Bradley rejoined the creative team to kick off new initiatives for Wrangler and Lee. Key projects for Lee included launching the new Shape Illusions label, refreshing the Body Optix brand, developing a product customisation platform and creating a new figurehead for Lee menswear. For Wrangler, Bradley launched the Wrangler 360 menswear label and made personalisation part of consumer engagement. Leading both brands’ innovation strategies, Bradley generated a wide range of digital content for internal marketing, advertising campaigns, retail point-of-sale and visual merchandising.



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Dana Coetzee

Dana is an industry professional with over 17 years of industry experience. Dana currently works in the Cycling Retail & Service Store Owner.

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Heidi Svendsen

Heidi is an asset to the academic realm due to her qualifications consisting of an Honours Degree in Consumer Science as well as the Elisabeth Boshof Prize for Leadership at University of Pretoria. Heidi has also gained two awards from STADIO School of Fashion, one being an award in ‘Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Assessment Practices, and the other for ‘Excellence in Tuition and Module Design. Heidi has extreme passion for the retail industry as well as the future for retail and apparel industry. Heidi has an abundance of experience in industry taking on a variety of Fashion Business roles, however, she is currently creating content and lecturing Visual Communication in Retail; Visual Merchandising as well as Trend Analysis. Heidi has a passion for Human Centric Design, the Future of Retail as well as Macro Trends that will shape the world. As a lecturer Heidi focuses on student success and she believes that the skills learnt in the tertiary education environment needs to foster a Human Centric, Critical and Design thinking mindset. Through Heidi’s lecturing she strives to equip students with skills that will give them confidence and resilience in any environment that they may find themselves in. Heidi also believes that empathic teaching and learning is an integral part of education and an important aspect in building a better world for all.


 “The value of education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.” Albert Einstein.