Tersia Kitims

Range Name: Xanadu ’20/21

Social Media handles: 

IG: @tersiakitimsofficial & @tersiakitims (clothing line)

Twitter: @tersiakitims

Linkedin: Tersia Kitims

My collection is derived from the sub-trend Joyfully Camp which falls under the trend GameScape. GameScape is a recreation of past, present and future elements through a virtual lens. Joyfully Camp consists of cascading shapes, maximalist and layering which in turn creates exaggerated silhouettes. There’s also a wide use of bright colours.

For my collection I used Alice in Wonderland as inspiration to turn it into a fantastical, otherworldly virtual like experience. My aim is to make viewers feel like they’re in an alternative universe, very much fantasy like. I’ve made use of softer decorative details as everything else is already over exaggerated. Such as gathers to create volume as well as knife pleats to create texture and razor cut hems and binding for finishes. And be- cause we had to incorporate either corsetry or tailoring elements into our designs, I decided to do both. I took a new take on the classics by adding pleats and frills onto the corsets and tailored jackets to add the hyper feminine look and feel. In order to stay true to the trend I decided to go with a bright and loud colour pallet by using bright yellows, pinks and blues. As well as incorporating a floral print to coincide with my original inspiration. I also used a large amount of tulle for majority of my designs and complimentary fabrics such as digitally printed satin, stretch mesh and viscose.

I believe my target market would be young adults. The Millennials and Gen Z’s to be more specific as this trend is derived from the digital realm and they’re mostly digital users. They’re constantly looking for Instagram worthy designs as well as an opportunity to stand out therefore I feel my designs check all the boxes as they’re eye catching, original and out of the box.

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