Rumaanah Sayed

Range name: Heavenly Goddess.

Instagram:     @ruru_04 and @ru_n_a_way

“Adopting the power of nature, to transform challenge into change” (Ross, 2019).  According to Ross (2019), the trend Transform “explores design in a world of crisis, but also embraces light among the angst, resulting in a modernist trend that feeds into city-dwelling…”  For my collection Heavenly Goddess which demonstrates how powerful beings can adapt to the 21st century through clothing, I focused on infusing Streetwear with couture. To do this I drew inspiration from boards with a dark aesthetic such as The Haunted and The Dark Night. The darker aspect of the trend creates a new narrative on magic and how it can pave the way for romantic looks “with a horror-tinged edge” aesthetic (Ross, 2019).

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