Kutlwano Thobejane 

Range name: Punk Principles  

Instagram: @k.atyx.o  

Facebook- Kutlwano Thobejane  

The theme I have chosen for my end-of-year fashion collection is Reconstructed Legacy and the sub-theme I have chosen to explore is Punk Principles. My collection’s story is: “subculture nostalgia which looks back to the punk era, with an anarchic aesthetic reworked through a contemporary lens.” 

The look and feel of this collection takes inspiration from vintage punk culture and the early works of Vivian Westwood, who is often referred to as the mother of punk. To bring this aesthetic to life, I have chosen to use modern twists of plaid fabric and corduroy- as that is usually associated with Viviane Westwood and the punk era. I will be using a lot of chunky zips and pins to further elevate the characteristics of the punk era. The collection will have an overall “rough” look and feel as I will also be using a lot of deconstruction, such as connecting sleeves with pins and using graffiti styled prints, fraying and reclaimed hardware as accessories and decorative detailing. 

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