Karabo Keketso Nthibane

Range name: Bana ba di’Arts


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be an artist. That’s what I view my design aesthetic as; artistic. Every time I design, I try to be as conceptual  as I can be. I am a visionary and my designs show that, I tell conceptual stories in my designs through shapes and proportions. The kind of designer I am has always been shaped by the way I was raised and the environment I grew up in. My mother raised me to believe in thinking creatively and out of the box, to be able to be free in my decision making and exploring my creative abilities. As a result, I saw the world through an artistic lens, I learnt about artist like Frida Kahlo who was a feminist and Andy Warhol who was a leading figure in the pop art movement in his time. I resonate with these two arts because I believe my design aesthetic is a merge the work they’ve put out and the way they presented themselves to the world. I have incorporated shapes and silhouettes in my designs that  are camp inspired, my designs are still interchangeable wardrobe items. I made use of asymmetry to bring newness and exploring pop art elements and colours for a more vibrant collection.

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