Ronaldo Engelbrecht

Range name: Urban Utopian

Social media:           @odlanorofficial


Tech-tility is how the industry inhabits and explores the lines between authentic and virtual. Tech-tility should be seen as futuristic as apparel will shift to drive a more fictional and fantasy take on what clothes could be. As “everyday wear” become more extreme, simple concepts are explored with the tech-tility trend. The body is reshaped and out of place, created with structured silhouettes, reimagined construction that entirely ignores the concepts and fundamentals of traditional pattern making and garment construction. The tech-tility trend as a whole is used in the interpretation of the designs. The collection inspires to give a fictional take on what a utopian future could be, Surreal shapes and silhouettes inspired from Japanese origin to create almost like a 3D surface from the body. This can be seen in the collar and shoulder detail as well as the jingasa (“camp hats”) that spiral into the shoulder detail. Black represents how the colour can be modest yet arrogant at the same time. It symbolises mystery, darkness, class, power and luxury. The Blackness is infinite in the collection and contributes to the utopian society it wants to create. The Blackness of the collection makes a point to focus more on the shapes and proportions as colour tends to disturb the essence of silhouette and design.

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