Motumiseng Teffo

Range name: Lenyalong 

Social media: @motumisheng_t 

The bright and artificial colours used in the Joyfully Camp story reminded me of South African cultures. Because there are a variety of beautiful cultures in the country I chose to base it on a “Tswana wedding”, there is so much joy on this day. On a traditional wedding day -“lenyalong” you see many people with garments that have Shweshwe prints on them. I have always been obsessed with wanting to work with the Shweshwe fabric because of how it weaved its way into South African cultures, including the Tswana culture. Three Cats, a Shweshswe manufacturing fabric company has made it easy to include the fabric in today’s world. I made a collection which allows the consumer to wear cultural attire but use the textile differently incorporating it in modern fashion -as it would have been worn differently in the past. This fabric has such deep roots in South Africa’s culture and I want to preserve it by using in my garments.

The collection consists of cerulean blue and squash orange ensembles which are accented with Shweshwe prints, which include pops of beads, which can be worn to any elegant event. 

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