Jessica Kalanda

Range name: EMBOLDENED

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To ‘Embolden’ is to make ‘STRONG’, ‘BOLD’ and ‘CONFIDENT” and that is what this winter collection aims to do. My inspiration comes from the bible in Psalm 138 : 3 where David asks God to give him courage and God answers by Emboldening him. This collection explores elements of Power dressing and Utility combines them  to create a futuristic form of Tailoring. Appealing to Young and older working professionals, this collection uses neutral formal wear colours with accents of rusts, cream and grey. The concept is further inspired by the idea is that the wearer is a ‘Shero’ and at any given moment at work she could jump out to save the world , hence the functional clothing and pieces that serve as armour and pieces that change or enhance the shape of the body. The collection includes pieces that are interchangeable and a new take on tailoring without it being an obvious 3 piece suit.

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