Courtney Sharpe

Range name: Origin 

Social media: @courts_sharpe

‘Minimal by Design’, the sub trend that inspired my range, is part the macro trend, ‘Homespun’. This trend encapsulates that good design grows better with age and embraces a more considered approach to conventional minimalism and comfortable elegance. ‘Homespun’ emphasizes the importance of a “pared-down lifestyle” and key characteristics include easy flowing silhouettes, exaggerated proportions, minimal decorative details, architectural influence on silhouettes, functional details, sustainability, arts and crafts; all of which have been integrated into my range designs. This trend evokes a natural, raw emotive impression so the colours I chose to effectively convey this include soft, natural, organic tones that I achieved through organic dyeing with food waste. Due to unforeseen financial constraints as a result of the global pandemic I was forced to alter my range according to the means I had available. This meant that I was forced to limit my fabric considerations according to affordability. However, the use of calico works perfectly with my minimal and sustainable considerations. This also heavily impacted the overall designs of my range as I had to adjust certain design variations in order to cut costs. This ultimately affected the technicality and complexity of my designs.

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