Onwuachu Chidinma

Range name: deep sublime

Instagram: @di_kod_design @dinmakod

My collection was inspired by the trend transform and the sub- trend the deep, which is driven by the well- being of ocean life, to see a new solution emerge to help clean up the oceans and celebrate the beauty of ocean creatures.
I explored the iridescent beauty of the sea creature jelly fish, it actually triggered my design concept, the key elements of my designs were derived from the organic shape of jelly fish, I have expressed these element by using multi layered ruffles in all of my design to create a rhythm, I have also used asymmetric proportion and colours that reflects the deep sea like shades of purple, a reflection of sensuality and femininity of the sea was explored through the use of ethereal materials like lightweight sheer and sequins. For a commercial take I aim to target occasion goers.

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